Dear Mango Team,

I need to create aggregate daily, weekly and monthly reports. I already got reports using cron patterns to work as expected. What I need though, is a report that also includes some numerical values for a certain data point, e.g. min, max, average etc. I found that in the Point details' section under Statistics'. I would need those statistics for a custom time period such as 00:00:00 to next 00:00:00 instead of "last n time periods". I thought of using a Server-side script' in the Graphical views' section. I already looked into the source, but could not find my way around. Can you give me a hint on where to start?

Michael Bach

Edit: Ok, first off: sorry for all the noise of my post(s). It is a kind of self-helping. I can solve my "problems" shortly after posting here. Maybe they are at least helpful for others. I found a partial solution by using `Data range > Relative to report time > Previous 1 day' to create a report for the last day (00:00:00 to 00:00:00).

Additional hints are much appreciated though. For example: Is there a way to exclude the charts from reports, so that only statistics are shown? Is there a way to get the statistics inside the server-side scripts' in the Graphical views' section?