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[SOLVED] Mango logs value only when it changes

  • Dear Mango Team,

    I got Mango up and running with a modbus data source and some data points on it. Now when I wanted to see the logged values so far, I recognized that Mango only logs the values when they change, i.e. the setting for `update period' (set to 3 seconds) is not used. Am I missing something or did I misconfigure it?

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Michael Bach

    Edit: I found this setting using the "Watch list > Point details > Edit data point" procedure. However, I was expecting to set this Point property inside the `Data sources' section.

  • Yes, it is a point (no pun intended) of confusion. The data point editing it for editing attributes that are common to all points. The point editing in a data source page is to edit the attributes that are specific to the data source, such as slave id and offset for Modbus points. Logging is common to all points, and so is in the general point editing page.

  • Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Using that point (pun intended) of view, it makes perfect sense.