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Update period & "real-time" graphics/jsp views.

  • (I've been looking through a few related posts in m2m's forum as well as m2m2's config options but couldn't find an answer; sorry if I've overlooked)

    I'm wondering how the following setup can be done:

    • have a rather long data source update period - say 5 minutes - used for standard logging/monitoring purposes. That way we lower resources - CPU, DB size, traffic, PLC device usage, ...
    • have a much shorter update period when someone is interacting with graphics (either through graphicalViews or jspViews).

    It seems it's possible as an old post [1] shows, but I can't figure what config/module is needed.

    Otherwise, is there for instance a way to initiate a data "refresh" at fixed intervals in a jsp script ? (might be dangerous if there's no global "limit" mechanism, as there will be a potential for DDoS if many views are open).

    On a slightly related topic, I fail to understand how "Discard data delay (ms)" relate to the update period in the modbus module; any pointer ?

    Thanks !

  • Replying to myself... As a m2m2 noob I somehow managed to overlook the "edit data point" icon on the "Data points" page so it's now clear how to have a different logging interval than the polling one. Sorry.

    That solves the resource issue for the DB - however, the question of having a different data source polling interval when viewing graphics still holds...

  • [url=]public adjuster

  • [url=]Video editing

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