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  • hi, i use google chrome when constructing mango projects, and i've noticed what maybe a bug when creating mailing lists?

    at the moment i'm having to revert to IE (which is dog slow) for this part...

    When i create a new mailing list, i cannot overwrite the XID for it, i cannot select users from the drop down list, its just like the page has crashed.

    In IE i can do all the above, but i still cannot drag over text to make it blue (and then replace-overwrite it).

    Bug in the 'mailing_lists.shtm'??

  • Hello! wich is your mango version?

  • hi sorry, think its 1.12.4

  • Hi skiv71

    To solve this problem you have to edit the mailing_lists.shtm file and remove the document.onmousedown line in "function scheduleInit()":

        function scheduleInit() {
            var tbody = $("scheduleRows");
            var i, tr, td, hour, j, tbl2, tr2, td2, k, content, title, intId;
            for (i=0; i<24; i++) {
                tr = appendNewElement("tr", tbody);
                td = appendNewElement("td", tr);
                hour = ""+ i;
                hour = ("00"+ hour).substring(hour.length);
                td.innerHTML = hour +":00 - "+ hour +":59";
                for (j=0; j<7; j++) {
                    td = appendNewElement("td", tr);
                    td.className = "ptr hreg";
           = "3px";
                    td.onmouseover = function() { hourOver(this); };
                    td.onmouseout = function() { hourOut(this); };
                    td.onmousedown = function() { return hourDown(this) };
                    content = '<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0"><tr>';
                    for (k=0; k<4; k++) {
                        if (k == 0) title = hour +":00";
                        else if (k == 1) title = hour +":15";
                        else if (k == 2) title = hour +":30";
                        else title = hour +":45";
                        intId = getIntervalId(j, i, k);
                        content += '<td id="ivl'+ intId +'" style="padding-right:2px;" title="'+ title +'"';
                        content += ' class="qreg qon" onmouseover="quarterOver(this)" onmouseout="quarterOut(this)"';
                        content += ' onmousedown="quarterDown(this); return false;">&nbsp;</td>';
                    content += '</tr></table>';
                    td.innerHTML = content;
            document.onmousedown = function() { return false; };                                             // DELETE THIS LINE TO ENABLE THE ONMOUSEDOWN FUNCTIONALITY
            document.onmouseup = function() { mouseDown = false; return false; };
            document.onselectstart = function() { return false; };

    Regards! :D