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  • Hi, been using mango for some time now and spotted something i'd like to see handled different.

    Not sure if this is just a setting, but in a multi user environment, it would be very useful if alarms were acknowledged on a per user basis.

    For example, local instance on a site, operator acknowledges a fault, but the fault still exists..

    I login after the operator has acknowledged this fault, and to me (and any other user) it will appear as if there are no active alarms.

    Gives the wrong sense of a systems state.

    I see on the options for users, there is a tick box for own audit events, how about ALL events?



  • This is in fact how it was originally developed, but there were complaints to do with the opposite case: people didn't want to see the alarms that other people were handling.

  • Hey Matthew,

    Long time... how's things?

    That's a real shame, the beauty of the individual accounts and web access is the independant nature of things...

    Just wasn't right, logging on whilst i knew there was an active alarm present but the event logger says no, because another operator ack it.

    Not a problem in a single instance, viewing platform, even if it is VNC'd, but clearly is in a multi login web environment :-/