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  • Hi everybody
    I translation mango to chinese?and name the date sources?points with chinese
    everything is good
    but i take a report?of course?the point named with chinese?then?export data with .csv(microsoft office excel format)?
    when i open the test.csv?the name of the point?chineses?is showing ???

    I guess is the encoding problem?but i need how to take it?

    sorry my bad english
    from china

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  • Hi
    I thought is the database encoding problem?so i convert derby to mysql
    after database convert complete,and i change the encoding to utf8.
    after take a report,but i found the chinese is stilling showing ???
    why?There is any encoding setting in mango?

  • Hi
    I check the databases,i find the datasource of point name is not write to databases,
    and i check the program,do not find any point name file,
    which file is the point name writed in?