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What is the status of Mango Development

  • I have watched this project on and off for a few years and recently came back to take a look and see it is being discontinued.

    Does anyone know the status if there are any transfer plans?

    I would hate to see such a great project as this be discontinued. :cry:

    I looked around the forum here, but did not find much in the way of an answer, so thought I would ask. If there is a post already please inform me.


  • Search for ScadaBr


  • Arne,

    Yes, I am familiar with SCADABR, but...... just looking for something a little more English.

    I appreciate the response.

  • Sorry, the sf site is in english, trac for bug reporting as well, mailing list (devel) - where is your problem (by the way I am german ;-))


  • Arne,

    Thanks, I did go ahead and load SCADABR. Very nice installer. They also have more data sources. I do have issues here and there, but I am not planning on using this for anything other then playing around, or maybe some home automation. It is a great little test environment for devices though. The reason for the post is to see what the plans were for this Open Source Project. I would hate to see it discontinued before it got to the point of being great. It has come a long way and actually seems useful at this point, hence my worry it will be ditched.

    What I like most is that you can install it and have devices communicating in 15 min or less. I literally did that a few years ago when I fist came across this software. Never really paid it much mind since then because we use long time validated SCADA Systems. However, checked it out a few weeks ago and saw it was being discontinued.

    It would be great if someone could translate the Portugese docs and have an English support group for SCADABR. I guess the demand is just not there. It seems like Google translator would be able to help on this.

    Thanks again for the response.

  • @apl said:

    Search for ScadaBr


    it is unfortunate the scadaBR website gives no credit to matt or serotonin. "The ScadaBR was born in MCA Systems in Florianópolis / SC"

  • I disagree, their Main Logo right at the top left, says "Powered by Serotonin" and there is references to Serotonin all throughout the code. I greatly appreciate what Matt has created and it is really awesome. I wish him the best in his endeavors, but this project is too important to be dropped and I am glad that SCADABR is there to push it forward. I have done some studying of the SCADABR product and will eventually release some of my findings to add some participation that helps Open Source projects move forward. They have significant plans for new releases and this is good for all of us.

    I look forward to seeing this progress.

  • I am also glad that someone has picked up the torch, and indeed I was looking at scadaBR as an upgrade path from mango.

    we must be looking at different logos:
    From browsing their site I expected more credit assigned where credit is due, even if the copyright notices in the code are left intact

  • image

    Yes we're not talking about the same logo. This is the Logo they use when you install SCADABR.

  • Well this is what you get when I do not read every word, your right! No credit on the main page of the website. The installed product is quite different.

  • ah yep, that is mo betta

  • I run CentOS. How to go from ubuntu SCADABR to CentOS?

  • WOW!!!! Long time since I've been to his site. Here is the situation. I personally would not recommend SCADABR anymore. Mainly because they are unresponsive to English users. Unless the new Mango does not have features you are looking for, I would stay away from SCADABR. Having said that, they are very active in their development and may have features that Mango does not have. It's been a while since I looked at either new versions.

    I still use SCADABR on a Fedora 13 server. Back then they had a script instead an install file for Ubuntu. I was able to modify the script to get it to work on Fedora. I sent it to SCADABR and as I said, they were very unresponsive and as you can see they moved to Ubuntu support only. This does not mean it will not work on just about any Linux box, becasue all you have to do is create a Tom Cat Server and get the WAR files installed and running on the Tom Cat Server. Make sure you get the Environment variables correct too and you should be good to go. To get the WAR of the latest SCADABR, create a virtual Ubuntu server on your Centos and install SCADABR. Then you should be able to study the install and figure out how to transfer it to Centos. That is the best advice I can give you, the rest will have to be up to you. As I said, I would probably steer away from SCADABR.

    The other option would be to install it on Windows. They have an incredible installer for windows. It is a breeze. Although I completely understand if you do not want to deal with Windows and all it's License complications. I know I don't, but it can give you a good idea if you think it is worth your effort to use over Mango. I typically install SCADABR on Windows first just to see the new features, which I have not done in a long while, because my server is set up and working fine, so I haven't installed anything in a year or two.

    Good Luck!