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Logging.... interval... quantize

  • hi,

    i have a data source which i'm looking to set update on a per second interval.

    but i would like to log data every 15 mins.

    when producing reports, is it possible to get the 15 min interval quantize, i.e. 0min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min etc etc.

    i have managed to get 1 sec polling with 15 min interval logging ok, but i really need to have it on the times stated, not 15 min elapsed.

    for now i've changed the data source polling to every 15 mins and logging to when time stamp changes, but this is not really practical.

    live readings need to be update more frequently.



  • i've decided to make 2 data sources...

    a/. source with 1 sec polling for realtime data

    b/. source with 15min polling and quantize checked

    source b is set for logging on time stamp so achieves the desired result.

    however, i'm also publishing this data (potentially both sources) with another scada instance retrieving the data.

    currently the publising data source is set for updates by changes.

    since the source is quantize, it would be nice if i could select 'timestamp' change for the update.

    presently i only see option to select 'all changes' which see's the client scada have per second updates, or 'changes only' which fails since the data value might not have changed.

    i'm using 1.12.0, has the publishing facility been changed to send updates based on timestamp?