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Meta point and cron trigger

  • hi,

    i'm using a binary flag to decide whether to increment or decrement a numeric data point.


    if (bit.value==1) value=value+1;
    if (bit.value==0) value=value-1;
    if (value<0) value=0;
    if (value>60) value=60;
    return value;

    i've tried this on context change, but because one of the context items is actually the output, i get false triggers (tried execution delay but dint help)

    so i resorted to cron, 0/1 * * * ? which does work but i'm also getting odd behaviour.

    but i've noticed this from the watchlist.

    i'm polling every second from the main data source and watching the seconds counting away, it quite often jumps ahead (on totally unrelated sources and my point) then levels out.

    so on the whole, 60 secs is 60 secs, but it will jump from 13 - 15, then hold off etc.

    whats responsible for the internal timing mechanism?

    seems bit erratic :-/

  • i cannot use event triggers based on time because i need them to be dynamic... but an alternative would to have access the elapsed time of a trigger to i could see where its got to... can i do that?