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Chart and Thumbnail generation on Fedora Server (no x-server) not working

  • Can anyone tell me why mango m2m isn't generating the chart and thumbnail PNG on a Fedora box without Gnome or XServer installed. What dependency do I need to install on my non-X-Server Fedora box to make chart's work?

  • Some may wonder what exactly I am trying to accomplish. The answer is to develop the leanest possible tomcat/mango server. I am trying to use a minimal install of Fedora 14 without x-server. OpenJDK 1.6.0 is being used along with Tomcat 7.0.14 to run Mango 1.12.4. There aren't any permission issues, that I know of, for absolutely everything else works in Mango M2M except the chart generation. I know there has to be a library that is missing that I don't have installed. If anyone has a clue what it could be...well, it would be so very MUCH appreciated.