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Mango integrated into a large-scale Battery Management System

  • I will be test/using Mango as the UI in a large-scale BMS. The size of an average installation is around 1 MWh. There are approximately 160 modules (batteries) of 6.2kWh organized into 10 packs of 16 modules. Each module has approximately 200 data points which are a mix of analog and digital data (eg. voltages and alarms). The architecture is structured such that the data is gathered by CAN from the 10 "pack controllers" using a .NET-based driver and sorted and inserted into a MySQL database (it is "thin" in that no archiving takes place here). Mango accesses the MySQL database for its data source. I have converted Mango to use MySQL rather than Derby as its own database. I hope that this setup will enable me to update 10% of the data points at once per second. Some data, such as temperatures, don't change fast enough to warrant better than an update every 5 or 10 seconds. I have a simple framework with all the components set up and running now. I have been really impressed with Mango so far., and I will be developing some custom graphics