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A small bug in the atomicwritefilerequest

  • basically it works.
    but the standard says exactly when a bacneterrorexception has to be thrown:

    • negative start
    • start exceeds the filesize

    at the same time a few internal 'things' should be checked. when the device property backupAndRestoreState
    is set to preparingForBackup or preparingForRestore the the atomic read/write requests are dangerous and could deliver
    faulty results. thus throw a device configuration in progress bacnetserviceexception as written in the standard.

    	public AcknowledgementService handle(LocalDevice localDevice, Address from, Network network) throws BACnetException
    		AtomicReadFileAck response;
    		BACnetObject obj;
    		FileObject file;
    			// Find the file.
    			obj = localDevice.getObjectRequired(fileIdentifier);
    			if (!(obj instanceof FileObject))
    				System.out.println("File access request on an object that is not a file");
    				throw new BACnetServiceException(ErrorClass.object, ErrorCode.rejectInconsistentParameters);
    			// check for status (backup/restore)
    			BackupState bsOld = (BackupState) localDevice.getConfiguration().getProperty(
    			if (bsOld.intValue() == BackupState.preparingForBackup.intValue()
    					|| bsOld.intValue() == BackupState.preparingForRestore.intValue())
    				// send error: device configuration in progress as response
    				throw new BACnetServiceException(ErrorClass.device, ErrorCode.configurationInProgress);
    			file = (FileObject) obj;
    			// Validation.
    			FileAccessMethod fileAccessMethod = (FileAccessMethod) file.getProperty(PropertyIdentifier.fileAccessMethod);
    			if (recordAccess && fileAccessMethod.equals(FileAccessMethod.streamAccess) || !recordAccess
    					&& fileAccessMethod.equals(FileAccessMethod.recordAccess))
    				throw new BACnetErrorException(getChoiceId(), ErrorClass.object, ErrorCode.invalidFileAccessMethod);
    		catch (BACnetServiceException e)
    			throw new BACnetErrorException(getChoiceId(), e);
    		if (recordAccess)
    			throw new NotImplementedException();
    		long start = fileStartPosition.longValue();
    		long length = requestedCount.longValue();
    		 * throw an exception when the following conditions are met:
    		 * - start is a negative number
    		 * - start exceeds the length of the file object
    		if (start > file.length() || start < 0)
    			throw new BACnetErrorException(getChoiceId(), ErrorClass.object, ErrorCode.invalidFileStartPosition);
    			response = new AtomicReadFileAck(new Boolean(file.length() <= start + length), fileStartPosition, file.readData(
    					start, length));
    		catch (IOException e)
    			throw new BACnetErrorException(getChoiceId(), ErrorClass.object, ErrorCode.fileAccessDenied);
    		return response;

    that's it - works nicely.

  • What's "recordAccess"? It isn't defined anywhere.

  • hi matt,
    sorry for being unclear:

    public class AtomicReadFileRequest extends ConfirmedRequestService
    	private static final long serialVersionUID = -279843621668191530L;
    	public static final byte TYPE_ID = 6;
    	private final ObjectIdentifier fileIdentifier;
    	private final boolean recordAccess;
    	private final SignedInteger fileStartPosition;
    	private final UnsignedInteger requestedCount;
    	public AtomicReadFileRequest(ObjectIdentifier fileIdentifier, boolean recordAccess, SignedInteger fileStartPosition,
    			UnsignedInteger requestedCount)
    		this.fileIdentifier = fileIdentifier;
    		this.recordAccess = recordAccess;
    		this.fileStartPosition = fileStartPosition;
    		this.requestedCount = requestedCount;

    the varaible is the standard member variable defined in the class.


  • Ah, that explains it. The title of the post threw me off.

  • Should the fileStartPosition condition not be:

            if (start &lt; 0 || start &gt;= file.length())


    Or do you intend that if start == file.length() that a 0 result should be returned?

  • hello matt,

    a zero length file should be readable without error.
    and the standard says explicitly when the file size exceeds.

    if (start < 0 || start > file.length()

    is correct when reading the spec.
    and another commercial stack shows the same behaviour with the upper mod.


  • Ok. I recall (but at the moment can't confirm) that there was some problem with this during testing of the original implementation, but i'll go with your version.