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Plot flashes for each update

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the answers to my last post.

    I was still wondering if it is normal for my trend graph (plot) to flash all the time. I have a couple of virtual points set up to simulate data. The points are updating about once a second, one is random number say from 12 to 15 and the other is step function, saw tooth pattern. Which all works, but the flashing part ... is a little strange. Is it a result of using TomCat and Java?

    I searched the form for flashing plot but did not see anything that related to this issue. I have read the post of other people using the plot, so either theirs does not flash or it does not bother them (maybe flash rate is slower).


  • What version of M2M do you have?

  • 1.12.0 as displayed in the System Settings page.

  • K. Try 1.12.2 and see if that helps.

  • I have upgraded to 1.12.2 and the graph still flashes. I let the system run for a few hours and now the graph is 'full' of points and flashes 'worse'. The image will be displayed for a brief amount of time and then that area of the screen goes blank. I can see '1 items remaining....' on the status line. The items are randomly updated once every few seconds, maybe 5 or so.

    On the upgrade page it mentions "If you only wish to run Mango as an application, download the binary package for your system below." Does this mean I can M2M without using Tomcat? If so what do I execute? I assume something like "java" or ?


  • Rapid updates used to do that to the charts, but as long as you hover over them they should not update. (When you hover away and then back again, it should update.)

    Try doing a ctrl+f5 on the page to make sure your browser cache is update. If that doesn't work, what browser are you using?

  • I am using IE 8, I have not tried with FireFox or Chrome. Maybe I'm not using the graphs in the intended manner. I'm sure you get this question a lot, but is there a manual (other than the help)?

  • Can you try FF and see if the same thing occurs?

    The online help is the manual.

  • I tried Firefox and the same thing, graph flashes. I have upgraded to 1.12.2 .

    By flashing I mean the graph area blanks out and then a new graph appears.

    I have the Lava lamp icon, a dial gauge and a thermometer icon displaying the same two random points and these images do not flash. The update rate is not as fast as the flashing of the graph.

    I tried the Sample.jsp page (provided in the Mango install) and it does not flash. I have 3 static points and then a plot with 2 randomly changeing points, the same ones I'm using on the Mango graphical view page. I just added my data points to the sample page.


  • Sorry Edwin. All this time i thought you were talking about charts in the watchlist. Just out of interest, do you see the same problem there?

    Regarding graphical views, are you using multiple point chart components, or are you referring to single-point rollover charts? I'll assume you mean the former (because the latter work the same as the watchlist points). Unfortunately, the multi-point charts that always display don't have any manner of update event. (The rollover charts wait until they are displayed before bothering to render the chart image.) I suppose some kind of minimum redraw delay could be added so that they would update only has frequently as desired.

  • I am having the same issue with the charts flashing. I have 7 image charts on one page along with 20 simple points. The simple points won't display a chart at all and the image charts will randomly display for a second before going blank again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Another interesting thing, tomcat is using almost 100% of the CPU. I did just upgrade to the latest version, but could it still be updating the database? My mangoDB folder is 600MB not sure if that is a lot, but it is running on a Quad core Xeon machine with 4 GB of RAM. It's been 100% CPU utilization for over 24hrs now.

  • Image chart is an image and it is refreshed everytime a point linked to it changes its value.
    Two possibilities: slow down related datasorces update period or set Mango Performance to Medium or better to Low in System menu.

    Hope this help

  • PS. @mlohbihler : It should be useful to implement graph with something like "flot", based on jQuery and that can be dinamically refreshed without reload whole image, but just datas.

  • i think 1.10.0 is best for this.