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Begginers questions? Plot & searching the forum

  • I have installed a Mango and started some simple views to see if I can use this to replace our dated home built SCADA system. I created a couple of simulation points and plotted them. Which worked ok, but the plot image flashes all the time, is there a setting to keep it from flashing?

    I tried searching the forum, by just entering say 'plot' or 'html' in the search box and submitting, but there's never anything found. Is there some setting I'm missing? or special "quoting" I should be doing? Since all my searches return 'no data found', I can not easily find answers to my newbie questions.

    Also, does anyone have/know of a sample system that would demonstrate the features of Mango using simulated data? I would like to show upper management this product in a good light not limited by what I can cripple together. Maybe something used for testing after upgrading or making changes. I do not have any ModBus IO, only DeviceNet and proprietary serial.

    I know it's probably bad 'form' to ask more than one question in a forum, but I thought I'd test the waters.


  • We recently upgraded the forum software and a reindex was necessary, but apparently not documented as so. In any case it is done now.

    Re test data, check out the virtual data source. More arbitrary things can be done with the meta data source too.