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  • Is there a repo that contains the latest source code?

    Im keen to help development but I cant seem to find the repository. I've found the tarball sources but syncing them with local changes will be a nightmare.

  • why will it be a nightmare?
    create a repository containing the released source, make your branches off of that, make your changes in your branches, when new releases occur update the released source trunk and then merge the changes in to your branches.

    I was doing this with bazaar and am now using github but haven't been through a new source release on that yet.

    mango pace of development will probably slow down with new focus being m2m2, so probably there won't be many big changes to serotonin source coming down the pipe anyway.

    That being said I haven't updated my branches since 1.1.6

  • Thats what I have done

    The problem is when large scale changes are made it is extremely difficult to track what is happening without the intermediary stages known. things like file renames etc are a PITA.

    If there isn't a repo available thats fine I will continue with the current setup I was just asking.

  • do you have a github repo?

  • Who are you asking? If Serotonin, the answer is no. It's not that we don't like github or anything. Just, as you noted, with M2M2 there isn't much impetus to move M2M off of the private SVN it currently lives in.

  • I was asking mwil7034.