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  • how do I send the graphical data point content to a http?
    What do I need, what i need to do?

  • "Graphical"? Not sure what you are trying to do.

  • I would like to know how I integrate the data of mango in a HTTP

  • There is a documentation?
    what i need to do with my http to receiving mango data?
    like the example on mango homepage.

  • please help me...dont irgnore :)

    how i reseive mangodata with my targetpage? ()

  • Not sure about what you are trying to do, but

    If you are trying to get an image available on internet take a look at HTTP Image data source.

    the data source requests information from HTTP-enabled devices, 
    and then saves the images to a protected area of the file system

    If you are trying to accept data delivered to the system using HTTP GET or POST methods take a look at HTTP receiver data source.

    Instead if you are trying to send data from Mango take a look at Publishers.


  • simply send my datapoints to hattp site with publisher.

    what precautions should I do with the targetpage

  • You'll need an HTTP receiver listening for your publisher connection.

    So, publishers are often used to create redundant servers or to feed another system with your data.

    If you want just to share the information in other site (like a panel or frame) you may use public views.


  • @fmunhoz said:

    If you want just to share the information in other site (like a panel or frame) you may use public views.


    thats it :)

    where are public i do that (there are documents to read?)

  • First create the graphical view you want to share.
    Then set its properties to be public acessible: "Anonymous access" must be "read" or "set".

    Then use code below and adjust it to fit to your needs, something like

    <div style="position:relative;width:80px;height:150px">
    <iframe frameBorder="0" style="position:absolute;width:450px;height:300px" scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true"

  • thats all?
    is yourviewID the garafical view id?

    finaly i realized i have to look in html sourcecode

    the html-sourcecode of this page tells me this created manualy or automaticly...if

    is this view id same as garfical view id (like GV_315732) in mango

    the http-internet-site, who accesing the mango data, has to run on the same webserver as mango?


    results in: ???publicView.notFound???

  • That's it, you are almost there.

    Actually I think (not sure) you can use the unique ID as a graphical view ID, but if have not changed it should look like GV_123456.

    Anyway, you can also find (and it works) the graphical view ID by acessing it from your Mango instance and looking at the URL of your browser. You'll see something like


  • Talking about "Http Sender", I have developed an OPC Server able to accept incomming HTTP messages from various Mango stations and make those values available to other SCADA systems.
    If you want more info please send me a PM.