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  • I have a Koyo h2-ctrio module that I want to control my stepper driver. I have the controller setup in Mango through modbus. I've gone through the manual, but still can't get the module to run the steppers. According to the manual, I should use the following offsets for:
    40001: Command Code
    10040: Command Complete
    65: Enable Output
    40002: Parameter 1 (Pulse Profile)
    72: Process Command
    40013-40014: Parameter 3 (Target Velocity)

    Once again, according to the manual, I should "load 10 into Command Code (Hex)", "Load Pules Profile into Parameter 1 (Decimal)" and "Set Process Command" and then "Command Complete" should be on. I don't know if I'm using the wrong offsets in Mango (the offsets in the manuals and some of the other modules I've used have been different) or using the wrong data types or what, but I cannot get the command complete confirmation. Any advice I could get would be appreciated.

  • I would suspect that, for example, 40001 would be configured in Mango as a holding register at offset 0. You could use the testing facilities in the data source to see what the values over a range are.

  • Thanks for your help! That helped me figure some of the offsets out. It helped me realize how offsets work with data types. Quick question: When I'm entering values (in the watch list, for example) do I need to convert my values to the proper type (BCD, etc) or does Mango do that for me?
    ex: for a 2byte BCD, do I enter 5000 or 0101000000000000?

  • I figured it out. Mango does the conversion. Thanks for your help! I've got it all setup now and working great.

    For anyone else who's needing help, these are my settings. Then followed the steps in the manual[6-38]

    For Dynamic Velocity
    First, setup a pulse profile in ctrio workbench
    Use the following offsets/range/data type:
    Command Code - 0/Holding Register/2byte BCD
    Parameter 1 (File #) - 1/Holding Register/2byte BCD
    Process Command - 71/Coil Status/binary
    Command Complete Status - 71/Input Status/Binary
    Command Error - 70/Input Status/Binary
    Enable Output - 64/Coil Status/Binary
    Parameter 3 (Target Velocity) - 12/Holding Register/4byte Signed Interger Swapped
    Suspend Output - 66/Coil Status/Binary