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  • hi, i'm having a problem, whereby i've created data sources with the intent to be copied many times... and i've placed these data points from the sources into point hierachy folders... but i seem unable to drag/move points from the existing point folder to another.. is there a bug at work here?
    using chrome..



  • i dont know, but using chrome... as soon as i scroll the window to sort more points... it knackers things up and i no longer get the orange highlight when trying to drag and drop...

    i've looked at export->import but it refs only DP ID and they are meaningless in standard form...

    i've also tried IE8 but thats so heavy anyways and slows things further..

    i've also tried CTRL and SHIFT to multi select and it looks like its gonna work but only ever moves a single point...

    could this issue be browser related?

  • in IE8, when moving tags it consumes a full cores CPU :-?

  • The tree D&D functionality in Dojo has never been especially strong when the tree gets too big. A decent alternative has not been found.

  • its ok, i been using the export import feature this week, extensively.... its great :-D

  • Yeah, that was one of the several reasons it was created.