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Carel IR33, Modbus, OPC and Mango

  • I am trying to get communication happening with Mango and a Carel IR33 controller. Have tried the following:

    but with no success yet...

    Has anybody got any ideas on what to try next?

    Any help greatly appreciated....

  • have the IR33 working with OPC and the Kassl client but not with Mango yet it is not in the server list ?, had to change the driver.ini to My com port 6 (check your device manager to see which port it is conected) and the RS485-232 driver to match the CVSTDUMOT0 USB convertor. attached is the INI and IR33 var file

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  • Hi Gus

    check CarelServer.txt document for errors. this should be in the Windows\system32 folder with the other Carel OPC files

    example from CarelServer.txt log

    CAREL OPC Server - 01/07/11 21:40:51 Error 10 returned by the function InitDriverEx at row 1 of the CCT file.
    CAREL OPC Server - 01/07/11 21:40:51 Log OFF

    This error means the driver did not match the convertor.

    here is screen a shot

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  • inspector screen shot with some Values

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