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Modbus ip, datasource breakdown

  • hi, does anyone know if there would be any detriment to the system to split tags amongst various data sources that actually connect to the same IP and port?

    just i would prefer to keep data sources split by category... but ultimately they use the same modbus ip source



  • As long as the modbus ip equipment can handle simultaneous requests, you should be good.

  • i'm not sure my OPC app is happy with 16 or so data sources its being asked to probe...

    in the interests of segregating groups by data source, even when they connect to the same data source... would it be possible to make groups to be polled async?

    or can we have data point groups within the data source...?

    i have so many tags that having them all within a single data source with no grouping would be a night mare :-/

  • I'm not sure what you're asking for anymore. Do you want async modbus i/p requests, or better point organization in a data source?

  • i think it would be nice to have groups within a data source. my list is massive, an copying groups would be good