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Custom dynamic bar and dial gauge

  • Does anyone know how dynamic componets are linked to the points in graphical views?

    Is it possible to create my own dynamic gauges or at least customize the existing ones?


  • Hi,

    answers: yes something and I think so.

    I have not tried but taken a look how it works.

    Please take a look on the help. It says:

    "The Dynamic graphic component is similar to the analog image renderer in that it can visualize a numeric point, but instead of choosing one out of a set of images it dynamically draws the indicator of the value. For example, the pointer can be drawn on a single dial image. To add a new dynamic renderer, add a new subdirectory to the graphics directory and put the static image and an appropriate info file there. Then, add a rendering function to the resources/view.js file. The function must be named according to the name given to the subdirectory. See the Dial graphic as an example. "

    In the view.js there is the code for the dynamic parts. It looks quite straight forward but requires some coding skills. If you can update rest of us after trying...


  • That's it!

    I put my own .png gauge image in a separeted folder and its custom pointer using dial example in view.js, it works well.

    Thank you!