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  • hi,

    i've been using the export and import feature...

    but i've been getting inconsistencies...

    i.e. i'll perform a full export of project (working ok)

    then when i reimport the same project with no changes, i get errors about data points missing, which then reocurr in other items using that data point, i.e. point links

    any ideas?



  • I've run into the same issue with meta points referred to by other meta points. The importer requires an object to exist at the time it is referred to by another object, but, unfortunately, the exporter does not guarantee to order them appropriately. Until someone fixes the exporter, you will have to edit the exported json and move referent objects above the obects that refer to them. Hopefully, that's not too many for you.

  • Hi,

    The importer should take care of the correct order...


    the usage of Map in ```
    public void jsonSerialize(Map<String, Object> map) {...}

    can mix up things where one might want a certain order for readability (that whats JSON for ;-)) Maybe replace this with ```
    public JsonObject jsonSerialize() {...}


  • Re importing meta points, a fix will be created for this for the new version. No date yet, but it's on the list.

    Regarding the use of maps for JSON attributes, the code already uses a LinkedHashMap to preserve the order in which attributes have been added. Would a TreeMap (to put things into alphabetical order) be better?

  • Hi,

    I think the default order should be as added - for easy readabillity I want to set some values first - not alphabetically.

    if one wants alphabetical order, one can use Treemap ;-).

    So maybe add this to Javadoc of Seroutils->interface JsonSerializable? and provide the javadocs ;-)


  • one thing... i'm using dynamic backgrounds on my graphical pages... via a html link... but i load a 1024x768 blank png to set the canvas size.

    when i do an import, the project is unaware of any backdrops.... is this normal...?

    is doesnt affect the running project far as i can see, but on preliminary edit, without it, there any no save, delete, cancel buttons at the bottom.



  • in an effort to save time... i'm trying to change data point logging by export -> [find & replace in notepad] > import....

    but when i try to list data points after the import, nothing shows... so its obviously borking something along the way...

    i've some with loggingtype [interval] and [on_change] but i'm wanting to make the default [none]

    can anyone offer any pointers?



  • mathew...

    is it (or can it be made possible) to alter the default settings for newly created points, i.e. logging -> none....

    its just would save a lot of work during project creation and also safe guard against someone adding a datapoint with logging enabled that had high frequency changes...

    before you know it, the database can become MASSIVE lol...

    though it would be nice to have to say i want logging... instead of the default to log regardless..



  • I think the default order should be as added - for easy readabillity I want to set some values first - not alphabetically.

    That's the idea in fact, but the results can sometimes be unexpected because the order in which attributes are written is affected by the calls to super classes. Also, when you use @JsonRemoteProperty annotations the order in which these properties are written can depend upon the JDK that is used. Overall, it ends up being a complicated issue.

    when i do an import, the project is unaware of any backdrops.... is this normal...?

    Yes, this is normal because import/export doesn't support images. I suppose the image data could be base64'd and included.

    Neil, regarding import/export on logging types, some actual examples would go a long way to detecting problems.

    And a template for new points is an interesting idea. It's actually been raised before, but has never reached a high enough priority to get it done.