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  • hi, probably a silly question....

    but can i configure tomcat to run multiple instances of mango?

    i.e. localhost:8080 gui instance
    localhost:8081 deep stuff that i want to keep away from the minions lol

    thinking of segregating certain functionality.

    and can i exchange data between...

  • Can you use

    localhost:8080/mango1, localhost:8080/mango2 .... ?


  • Shouldn't be any reason why not. If you're using Derby make sure you're databases are separate. (Actually, same goes for MySQL - having instances share a database has not been tested.)

    As for sharing data, you can using a publisher/data source combination.

  • i may do this on my next project...

    will be having a lot of data exchange between sources and i'd like to keep it away from the muppets lol

  • I have multiple instances of (xampp) tomcat/mango running on one computer, ports 8080 and 8081, with MySQL databases separated and with these ports also adjusted.
    I need this to service several separate external sites at the same time.
    It all works great except only one site can be logged on at a time.
    For example, I log on as a user at site 1 and get a normal response. Then I log on at site 2 as another user and get a normal response. Then going back to site 1, I find I'm logged out. Is very consistent.
    Is there a work-around?

  • Still working on multiple instances.
    After further reading, I've changed tomcat to allow multiple instances of the webapp mango within one instance of tomcat. e.g. created multiple subdirs under /tomcat, modified server.xml for separate ports, created separate MySQL databases for each instance, etc.
    Results are the same:
    Multiple Mangos appear to run at the same time. An instance stays logged in until a second instance is clicked, at which time the second instance is found to be not logged in, and the first instance will be found to be logged out when it is clicked.
    Any help would be appreciated.