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  • Hello everyone.
    I'm trying to develop an easy way to read variables' values from outside Mango system.
    I have seen Serotonin TCP Persistent protocol, used by two Mango machines in order to syncronize data values between them. About this protocol I have two questions:

    1. is it open source under GPL license?
    2. is there a manual to follow to implement this protocol on custom language?

    Thankyou very much

  • The current version of "STCPP" (maybe "STP" is better?) uses serialized java objects to automatically set up points from a source instance in the target instance. Reimplementation would only be possible in another Java application (realistically speaking), and only if you included the necessary Mango classes.

    It's possible to replace the serialization with a different encoding - say JSON, XML, etc - but there are no current plans to do this.