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  • hi, looking at enter point links on a big scale and have seen the folder for points working nicely in watchlists, so i assume it'll filter through to point link listings?

    on my project i've got a bucket load of tags... and in the past, i've done a drag and drop to put tags into the folder... but i've got so many... and i cannot drag and lower the viewing pane...

    am i missing something..? or shall i start from the bottom and work up?

  • i just tried it on one of my later alphabetical tags and it doesnt seem to have affected the point list view :-/

    with the amount of tags i'm gonna use... could really use hierarchy showing up there... does it, am i doing something wrong?

  • It might be faster to export the point hierarchy, edit the json by hand, and then reimport.

  • ah ok that seems far...

    but i wanted to do this, hoping it would feature in point links... but it appears the point list does not support groups... hope it does or can be made to show as such

  • I had couple of hundred points sorted and it was not too bad. I used the method to work from bottom to up. I dont know how many is your big scale. It might make sense to use import/export in some case, which I tried with few points.

    One small hint. Try clicking several points with ctrl and/or shift key pressed down so you can select and move multiple at once. How it works is not too obvious. I have noticed it shows only one point as selected but still will move several.(tried with IE, firefox and chromium)


  • thanks Jokke and SteveE, quite happy to export import... usually i'd of sorted hierarchy during project creation...

    hope i can get hierarchy in point links

  • No plans for this in M2M. More likely there will be module extensions for M2M2 that will allow point lookup by "quick search", where you type in a few letters and options are presented. Naturally, if this is a module, other modules can also be built.