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Virtual data source, binary tags into word

  • hi,

    i needed to manipulate some binary data within the scada that is then encoded into the word...


    b0-b15 -> w0

    so i created a virtual data source, added some binary tags...

    then created a meta source word, added the b0-bx as context variables and then did...

    if (b0.value==1) value=value+1;
    if (b1.value==1) value=value+2;
    if (b2.value==1) value=value+4;
    if (b3.value==1) value=value+8;
    return value;

    this gave my word value...

    then i did a point link between meta source word and real slave device word...

    could i have done this in a more economical way?

    i did try adding the slave device word with direct binary tags, but it dint like that...

    but was quite happy with word to word control



  • I can't think of a better way to get it to work. Looks good to me.