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  • Hi

    I bought a MS - TC Temperature and current sensor from, Link =

    This is based on a DS2438 chip which Mango recognises fine but its reading voltage not amps or even watts which is what i need to make use of the data.

    The blurb on the site says that the output the MS-TC will measure AC current in the range of 0 to 20 amps. While not calibrated, empirical data indicates a typical accuracy of ±3% of reading. The response curve, established at 23 degrees C, is linear from 0.2 VDC (1 amp.) to 3.78 VDC (20 amps.). The zero current reading is 0.09 VDC.

    Is this something you can add to the setup ?



  • Unfortunately we do not have a DS2438 in the lab with which to test. Also, i'm not sure what the blurb from the site indicates. Do you want the Mango convert the 0.09 to 3.78 VDC to 0 to 20 amps? This could be done quite easily with a Meta point (but that's only available in the commercial version).

  • Looks like I will have to buy the commercial version