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Backup/restore, offline project creation

  • hi,

    i'm in the process of developing a system using mango, which is going well..

    however its unclear to me what directories are required to backup and migrate instances across different machines....

    at the moment i'm backup /root and /mangodb

    trouble is, when i overwrite the live system with my offline projects (that i've been developing) any recent database logging that has occured since the last export gets lost when i restore my changed project.

    i guess this is happening since i delete and copy the mangodb across.

    i wasnt sure if the mangodb could be left out he backup but when i tried this, changes i'd made to the system werent updated with only the /root folder being copied etc.

    this was part of the reason for wanting to use sql as my database, with the acrued data being totally seperate... but i ran into problems attempting to delete existing data sources (please see other post - now using mysql).


  • Have you looked at the import/export?