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  • I connect PLC to Mango via MODBUS. Connection is ok and data flows. But then appears one problem. When I go back to Modbus serial properties menu, port is gone. If I click arrow, opening box is empty. Connection is still working. If I made Modbus data source again, then port will be visible, but when I open properties again that disappears. Because that port is missing, I can’t do any changes to settings, update period for example. Mango version is 1.9.0 and I use Ubuntu 10.04.

    Second problem is updating Mango version 1.10.0. When I log in first time after updating, browser says:
    ”waiting answer from address....” .I lost my nerves after half an hour and put old installation back. Did that 1.10.0 update do something to Derby database? In my opinion, that database is grow about 1,5 times. Is that reason to slow down?


  • You have to deactivate datasource - click on icon in status column - it must be red.
    Now you can edit this datasource include /dev/ttyS...

  • This appears to be a problem with *nix, although i don't know if it is widespread. It seems the request to the comm layer for the list of ports does not include those that are currently in use. There doesn't appear to be a good solution beyond oja's, but we'll keep looking.