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  • the bacnet standard expects a device object.
    in modify the following lines:

        public LocalDevice(int deviceId, String broadcastAddress, String localBindAddress) {
            messageControl = new IpMessageControl();
            if (localBindAddress != null)
            try {
            	ObjectIdentifier devObj = new ObjectIdentifier(ObjectType.device, deviceId);
            	SequenceOf<ObjectIdentifier> objList = new SequenceOf<ObjectIdentifier>();
                configuration = new BACnetObject(this, devObj);
                configuration.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.maxApduLengthAccepted, new UnsignedInteger(1476));
                configuration.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.vendorIdentifier, new Unsigned16(VENDOR_ID));
                configuration.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.vendorName, new CharacterString(
                        "Serotonin Software Technologies, Inc."));
                configuration.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.segmentationSupported, Segmentation.segmentedBoth);
                configuration.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.objectList, objList);

    can you add this to the constructur?
    that's needed here and i think it's also of interest for others.


  • Hi Robert,

    Yes, this is fine. I've added it to the codebase. Thanks for pointing it out.