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How to execute a batch file from mango

  • I am using Event Handler Process type to execute a .bat file triggered by an event.

    I would like to know how can I use relative paths there.

    Or where should I put the file in order to just call it without giving the path.

  • On my instance (and i believe this is common) the process work directory is <tomcat>/bin. Relative paths should work, so if your bat file is in <tomcat>, you can say "../foo.bat".

  • I think this applies if you start Tomcat with the scripts in bin. If you start by some other means - say, init.d or something - the work dir may be different. Try the command "pwd" and look for output in the Tomcat console. It will be an info message.

  • On my Unbuntu system it is directly under the Tomcat directory.