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  • Morning all,
    Am I correct that you cannot use the import functionality to import values for the imported points? Is the best way to do automate creation of points with an initial value to go through the API or is there another way?

  • What kind of data points are you importing? What version of Mango are you using?

    It is not possible to import a starting value with the Data Point JSON but you can import point value history. You could use the API to "set" a value to the data point or do the same thing within a Scripting Data Source.

  • Nice, thanks.

    Importing the value history seems to be suited to solve our problem.
    All sorts of data point types btw and Mango 3.7.7

  • Follow-up question - I seem to not be able to import values for points that are published to me via Persistent TCP. And that's just consequential as I cannot set the value manually either. However there is an option to make it settable and there is an input field to set it. So... can you set a Persistent TCP data point manually or not?

  • @till that is correct, the point value would come from the sensor or device you are monitoring. The only case I can think of that you would want to set the initial value is for a virtual, scripting or meta data point.

    To set a PTCP data point it will send the set command down to the originating data point.

  • @joelhaggar said in Config Import:

    To set a PTCP data point it will send the set command down to the originating data point.

    Ah! That's very good to know, thanks for that note. I wasn't aware the PTCP points are working in both directions like that.