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Over the last few month very little participation from staff.

  • Something is seriously going wrong at mango-os. Or am I the only one that has noticed that more and more posts remain unanswered and that there is almost no participation from the company's staff.
    Over the last few months there have been very few or no post by Jared Wiltshire, Joel Haggar, Phil Dunlap or Terry Packer.

    Craig Web seemed to be posting for a while, but has also stopped a month ago.

    The only one who seems to be frequently posting is Matt Fox, and he does not work at mango-os as far as I can see,

    This forum is more or less the only reason we have chosen Mango. Other SCADAs mosty don't publicly post solutions and answers to issues. Is Mango-OS going this way?

  • Sorry I cannot answer all the posts. I am not a V4 user. But I do understand your frustrations. I'll have to leave one of the staff to respond to you here.


  • Hi Balistar,

    I understand your concern. It has been a very big year of growth for us and we are working very hard to bring more support resources into the forum and have several new engineers joining our team.

    We have always had a strong focus on support for Mango and will definitely continue this in the future. Commercial clients or customers with support and hosting contracts can always get support at I certainly expect to see more activity in the forum soon. Thanks, Joel.

  • @Balistar Worth noting that Phillip no longer works at Infinite Automation / Radix IoT. He used to provide a lot of the support. I hope you get the support you need in the forum soon!