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  • Hello,
    I want send sms with twilio
    Since the beta version 12 of Mango, the twilio module has been deleted, what should I do to use it in later versions?
    Thanks in advance,

  • If there is no way, is there a way to download the version before it is deleted?

  • @junhyeok928 unfortunately we have removed this module completely and the earlier versions are not compatible with Mango beyond 4.0.0-beta.12. If you can provide a solid enough case I'm sure we could consider re-instating it in a later release of 4.0.

  • @terrypacker
    what if someone has it running in Mango 3.7.7? Does it mean they are out-of-luck unless they can convince you guys? Do you see low usage of this module in prior version of Mango?

  • I find it bizarre for an IoT company that there is not support for third party apps that provide notification services. Not everyone has the means to supply a mail server for alerts. Sendgrid and twilio support make sense in this aspect.

    Just my ten cents


  • Thank you for answer

  • The twillio module for Mango 3.7 and earlier was pretty experimental had some issues. We decided to drop this module in Mango v4 as it really needs to be rebuilt as an actual event handler rather than a publisher.

    Upgrading to Mango v4 will have many considerations. If you are interested you should contact us at and we can talk about upgrading your license and any technical implications. We may be able to accelerate any features you need as part of the process.

  • @junhyeok928 I would suggest trying to use the email event handler. You will need to configure a SMTP server in the email settings under system settings. There are various services which allow you to send a SMS by sending an email to a special email address.

  • @joelhaggar @Jared-Wiltshire
    Hi, Joel and Jared
    Thank you for replying.
    I want to chime in with my 2-cents here:
    Since Mango OS is going to be used in many IOT devices which can become part of cloud-based SAAS offering.
    I notice a lot of SAAS offering touting their integration to tons of 3rd party integration. For example, Airtable/Smartsheets (they are not IOT devices but they are cloud-based SAAS products) have many integration to different data sources. It is a great selling point for any SAAS products because it enhance its flexibility and possibility of being deployed for different purposes.
    I understand your team can not do everything all at the same time. However, in the case of Twilio integration in Mango, I think it is a mistake to deprecate rather than make it work. Not many people can write their own code in Mango or want to set up email server to forward an email to another SMS service. This creates too much friction between the user and Mango. Twilio is a house-hold name in its space. This is a case where 'built-it, it will come' apply when people see Mango can work with Twilio.
    We can indeed provide feedback to Mango to say we want this feature, however, when someone says he wants it, it normally means he wants now, not when Mango gets around to do it and no one knows how long that is going to be.
    I think from the outside, this just looks like Mango has put Twilio for V4.0 into the too-hard basket. I know Mango has many reasons not to pursue the Twilio integration for V4.0 but my concern is the same reasons can be used for other integrations already in MangoOS to be deprecated in the future.
    I hope Mango can stick to its promise of providing 'low-code' or 'no-code' programming environment for small integrator or less skilful people like us rather than an environment where coding in JavaScript/AngularJS becomes unavoidable.

    Thank you.


  • Hi Victor, Thanks for the feedback. I think all your points are very valid. We actually have plans to integrate into many services, as you mention, including Twillo, but our priority for Mango v4 has been stability and scale. We now have systems with over 1 million data points which was quite an achievement for Mango. But I completely agree, and we will not lose sight of these other features and integration.

    Did you use the Twilio module in Mango v3? Did you find it worked well? It is possible we could upgrade the module to v4, but I was under the impression not many people used it, and it behaved a bit odd as a publisher rather than an event handler. Building it as an event handler will be the better way to go, but I welcome some more feedback.