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Event unix command - do I need special characters quoted

  • I have an event command which works if submitted direct to the command line but comes up with an error when run as an triggered event

    find /usr/local/tomcat/logs/ -type f -name "*" -mtime +5 -exec rm -f "{}" ;

    WARN 2010-09-13 00:00:00 ( - Process error: 'find: missing argument to '-exec'

    note the additional single inverted comma on the second line.

    Have I missed any quoting on my unix command

  • I believe that apostrophe on the second line matches the one on the first line before the word "find":

    ...Process error: 'find: missing argument to '-exec'
    What does the contents of the directory look like (ls or ls -l)?

  • Steve - thanks - this is what I have

    francis@automaiton1:~$ ls /usr/local/tomcat/logs/
    catalina.2010-09-11.log catalina.out.8 mango.log2010-09-05
    catalina.2010-09-12.log catalina.out.9 mango.log2010-09-06
    catalina.out host-manager.2010-09-11.log mango.log2010-09-07
    catalina.out.1 host-manager.2010-09-12.log mango.log2010-09-08
    catalina.out.2 localhost.2010-09-11.log mango.log2010-09-09
    catalina.out.3 localhost.2010-09-12.log mango.log2010-09-10
    catalina.out.4 localhost.2010-09-13.log mango.log2010-09-11
    catalina.out.5 manager.2010-09-11.log mango.log2010-09-12
    catalina.out.6 manager.2010-09-12.log
    catalina.out.7 mango.log

  • I don't see any unusually-named files in that listing, which was my first guess. I can reproduce the error message by embedding a carriage return in the command immediately before the ;. For example:

    $ find . -type "*" -exec ls -l "{}"^M;
    find: missing argument to '-exec'

    (I inserted the ^M by typing ctrl-V<CR>.) So my next guess is that you have a hidden carriage return or non-printable character in the command itself.

  • No idea whether this will work, but maybe try a "\" instead of ""?

  • Nope - none of the above worked

    Need to have a further play - convinced its a quoting type problem - but if any one can get it to work please let me know


  • This works for me:

    find /usr/local/tomcat/logs/ -type f -name * -mtime +5 -exec rm -f {} ;

    I.e. take out the dquotes and the ''.

  • Try removing /usr/local/tomcat/.

    In my experience when Mango runs a command line it does it as the tomcat user which it's home directory is tomcat so I think it would work as this

    find logs/ -type f -name * -mtime +5 -exec rm -f {} ;

    I haven't tried it but it might help.


  • Hi all

    I have found a work around - not sure why this works but it does

    Mango runs as root and when I run the command

    find /usr/local/tomcat/logs/ -type f -name * -mtime +5 -exec rm -f {} ;

    I get the error mentioned

    but when I run it as my user ("francis")

    sudo -u francis find /usr/local/tomcat/logs/ -type f -name * -mtime +5 -exec rm -f {} ;

    then this works

    it must be something to do with privileges etc - but I do not know why