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Where is the documentation?

  • hi,

    i cannot seem to locate the documentation in the file. where is it?


  • Hello MK,

    The Mango documentation is not shipping with the product; it is online content sourced from Serotonin servers. This allows users to have access to the most recent information and updates, and lets us annotate the information in response to requests from users.

  • Oh, so is there a way to access the online docs without installing and running the software?

    I am trying to evaluate mango for a possible substitute of our data acquisition server, and i need to see how mango communicates via tcp/ip sockets and the app layers protocol structure.


  • Hi MK,

    The documentation is contextual, displayed by context id, so accessing it directly would be rather inconvenient. Also, the transport formatting would make it very difficult to read.

    Also, the documentation only describes how to use the interface; it wouldn't get into the details of how a protocol is implemented. What is it you need to know?

  • We are using a wavecom wireless cpu (gms/gprs/gps) embedded in a light data acquisition application (our own manufactured product). We have a server/http/sql/ftp with a web interface that allows management and control of these modems.

    What I would like to see is how much of an effort would it be to support, and possibly switch over to, mango. So what is the communication structure for analogs, relays, digital inputs/outputs, also is there a way to channel gps data through mango for charting and have mango interface with google maps… ???


  • TCP/UDP within Mango is supported by Java. Pretty typical stuff. As for communicating with your devices, Mango is capable of using many protocols (with new ones being added frequently). With respect to your list (although i'm not sure what the "server" part of "server/http..." is), Mango can receive HTTP requests with point data in the parameters, and can also talk to SQL databases.

    Each protocol implements its own ways of communicating different types of data, so there is no quick answer to your question about "communication structure". Once the data gets to Mango though, each data stream becomes a "point", which has a data type. Current data types supported are binary, multistate, numeric, and alphanumeric. I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for in an answer, but i'm pretty sure Mango can do whatever you need to do with that data.

    As for GPS data, we have been considering adding complex data types (such as lat/long) for some time. We're basically just waiting for enough users to say they want it.