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Mango 4.0 - web server error on Windows 10 Pro

  • Hi, Mango Team
    I have a freshly installed Windows 10 Pro with OpenJDK Version 11. I have no problem running Mango 3.7.7. However, for Mango 4.0, no matter running it manually or from windows service mode, it always comes up with a http error 503 message.
    Attached are two screenshots - one showing the windows service has been enabled and running ok and the other showing the error message.
    Can you please check?
    mango service running.png

    mango error.png

  • @wingnut2-0 said in Installing Windows Service:

    javaws.jar is not included in AdoptOpenJDK which is required for YAJSW to work.

    I think that's the reason.

    My last productive 4.0 installation runs with this solution:

  • Documentation for V4 still mentions the .bat file for windows. but it does not exist at all.

    Same error when manually execute the program as per the instructions on the website:

    Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 10.03.51 am.png

  • Hi cwangv,

    sorry, I don't check the docu v4...

    I have installed on a WIN10PRO PC AdoptOpenJDK x64 - not Oracle! - install the service via cmd as Admin switch to the mango folder "boot" and run "java -jar ma-windows-service.jar install" and Mango 4.0 beta 3 is runing via service.
    No problems, all works fine!

  • @cwangv
    Do I need Oracle JDK or OpenJDK for Mango 4.0 to work on windows 10 Pro?