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Testing out the new Influx DB Line Protocol Data Source

  • Hello,

    While testing the data source, the help section indicates the following -

    There are 2 env properties that configure how the Line Protocol endpoint behaves.

    lineProtocol.task.queueWarningSize - Size of line queue at to which raise an event warning of queue growth
    lineProtocol.pointValidation.cacheExpirySeconds - When creating data points Mango will cache the existing points on this data source for performance during validation, this is how long they should live in the cache

    These 2 lines do not exist in the file. Could you provide an example of what the recommended defaults should be?

    Thank you.

  • The defaults that will be used if no property exists are:

    lineProtocol.task.queueWarningSize: 10000
    lineProtocol.pointValidation.cacheExpirySeconds: 5000

    Basically you will have to experiment with your setup and these would only need to be adjusted when you see performance degradation.

  • Thank you, Terry.

    While testing, I am using the following input

    # Processor usage, alternative to native, reports on a per core.
    ObjectName = "Processor"
    Instances = [""]
    Counters = [
    "% Idle Time",
    "% Interrupt Time",
    "% Privileged Time",
    "% User Time",
    "% Processor Time",
    "% DPC Time",
    Measurement = "win_cpu"
    # Set to true to include _Total instance when querying for all (

    The message to be sent is the following

    win_cpu,host=LAPTOP,instance=2,objectname=Processor,source=telegraf Percent_DPC_Time=0,Percent_Idle_Time=89.79866790771484,Percent_Interrupt_Time=0,Percent_Privileged_Time=0,Percent_Processor_Time=3.9585533142089844,Percent_User_Time=3.098111152648926 1604960081000000000

    What is making it to Mango ends up looking like this

    Along with some additional errors for points that failed to be created.

    	 'test_Influx': Failed creating point with field key ²—‚œ±þÞÑE€d7ˆF}Ñú¢ªÓU™çœÌâï£ÉŤZ>Mç‹Ów?œýò׳?üã¯gÿŒïß¼Œ&óÅprYžo¯‡ÇÕùɏ‹OÕ¬~`úñ?«ËÅdø¥:ý¹Zü>}>?ùódQÍþ>¼¬óéíì²:]Tãêz6üûÉÙðòsµ˜_|¨&‹‹›j6¯.Oaðí×÷Õe5ú­ººx;š_gWÕÕÆÅ¿Þ.>No'ÍïŸüq6›ÎæMÝ_ùÓ×EµñÄý(V¿?3²oWNÐ@ÒPáÛ¿¨Aœÿ>¼yÅ‹_¦‹áx¹³áõhr}~òÓhÜ€Y5»¬õë|x]zd¶PrvmÊåÍí3¡ƒ˜M/«ù|:kÁý¿Œ¾T§’$T-ƒ‰ßî|{öfuÜÿôç«qµú-¢°cH‚hØú–zÝÌnoŸ because name -> Cannot be longer than 255 characters

    I do have Treat integers as Numeric types checked but seem to keep getting NumberFormatExceptions and Invalid Line Length errors. Can Mango only handle a single value being sent at a time?

    Thank you.