I've got a dashboard that I'm displaying on a raspberry pi. I've created a user specifically for the dashboard, where I've set the session expiration to 1 year and I do the auto login by providing url parameters described in the help file. https://docs-v3.mango-os.com/using-auto-login

On the Pi I have script that runs to make sure a browser is open, if none is open, then it starts a browser in kiosk mode and supplies the url I want and the auto-login details.

However after a few days, the dashboard will logout. Then it's just sitting there at the Mango Login screen.

I figured I could run a script at midnight or something that closes the browser and reopens it again, seems like a band-aid fix though. How can I detect that I'm at the login screen and do something about it to log back in? Or.... not get kicked off from the session at all?