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Disaster Simulation for Mango v3.7.7,

  • Hi All,

    We will make a disaster simulation for Mango v3.7.7, then restore the whole mango configuration, event, and data point history.

    Currently, we have 300 data sources in our system and 25.000 data points with the 5 seconds heartbeat. It will be ~100.000 data points at the end of the project. And also, we use MySQL. We configured Mango to backup Configuration, Mango NoSQL, and SQL database daily. Daily backup names are as below.


    I have 2 questions for this scenario.

    Q1. Can you please tell us what is the difference between MangoNoSQL-incremental-Oct-14-2020_030003 (1.236.717 KB) and MangoNoSQLPointData-incremental-Oct-14-2020_030003(73 KB)?

    Q2 What I planned is to install Mango v3.7.7 and MySQL to another server after the disaster, then restore backups. What is the restore steps for all backups? If I restored core-database-MYSQL, do I need to restore Mango-Configuration also?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Why not create server image snapshots so your recovery time is faster?
    You can restore from an image which will cut your down time in half.
    I can answer Q2 for you.
    If you restore the MySQL DB which holds all of your config data you won't need he config json file.
    However since you are using the NoSQL database the MySQL backup becomes more crucial because it links the values in the NoSQL PointValues DB with the DataPoint internal reference IDs in the the database.

    Q1 at a guess is a change in naming convention between earlier versions and 3.7

  • @nurr MangoNoSQLPointData-incremental file is likely not being used but there is a feature in Mango where you can associate extra data with a time series. If you are not using this then there won't be anything in the file.

    If you want to restore your configuration and your history then using the H2/MySQL restore is the only way. The configuration backup can be handy but doesn't include all the data from the database. It is specifically missing the Data Point ID which is how the data is linked to the history. If you are not restoring the history then you should be able to use the configuration but restoring the database is recommended for any kind of restoring of the system.

    You can see this for more information:

  • Hi @MattFox !

    When we create server image snapshots to recover, how licenses will be affected?

  • As long as your system configuration hasn't changed you will be fine.