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Live displays, update values??


    Never mind I found the issue! Actually coming back to check this post I noticed it straight away. For whatever reason the code highlighter in the browser was more useful then the colors in Mango. Comparison below. I used a '-' instead of a '=' sign.

    I've made a dashboard but I can't get that values to update at a set period.
    The Display is static and so I'm using a hidden <ma-date-range-picker> with update-interval="10 seconds".
    But The display doesn't update unless I refresh the page.

    I'm using watchlist and ma-point-statistics on the page.

    Am I missing something?

    <!-- Invisible data-range picker for setting a constant time period -->
    <ma-date-range-picker style="display: none" preset="LAST_1_WEEKS" to="" from="lastWeek.from" update-interval-"1 seconds"></ma-date-range-picker>
    <ma-date-range-picker style="display: none" preset="DAY_SO_FAR" to="" from="daySoFar.from" update-interval-"1 seconds"></ma-date-range-picker>

    Here's how it looked in Mango
    0_1600724007267_update interval.png