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How to trace connected devices to Mango

  • Hello everyone,

    I want to known the connectivity of the devices connected to Mango, for example if one device is connected by http retrieve ,SNMP or Modbus data source.

    I explain how I am doing this:

    I configure a virtual data source call "status" and I add numeric value data points to trace connectivity of each device. Then in the event handler I set status set point to zero when a communication expection is active (for example, data source exception or data retrieval failure), then when the exception is inactive I set the status to one.

    This solution is all right but when I start Mango only for the first time I don´t know the connectivity of the devices and I have to put with a Script this status to one , then wait to set the real status of the devices if there is a exception communication. Or if a add a data source to Mango I manually set this status to one.

    But there is a trouble in some cases. For example If there is no communication with the device and I restart Mango and meanwhile in the restart proccess the device start to communicate. When the startup process is finish the exception communication is not active and then the status is zero and mistmach with the real communication status.

    I think I can fix this running the script that set all the status point to one in the start-up system event but I don´t know if this is the best solution.

    After this extensive explanation... My question is: There is another way to know the connected devices to Mango or I am doing good this way?

    Comments or suggestions are welcome.


  • I am having a similar problem. I would need a way to know if a device is connected or not (performing data acquisition polling), for example through an event, and that information is automatically saved, for example in a virtual data point.
    Any ideas?

  • Hi,

    I do this with the Mango Internal Data Source and create points with "mydatasource-last poll duration" or "poll success percentage" or "previous sequential successful polls" and watch them with a meta-data-point.

  • Modbus is the only data source that monitors the status of the slave ids. For other other data sources, I would use @Ralf's suggestion.

  • Hello, Thanks for your replies, I tried @Ralf suggestion and I think is all right. Thanks!