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Stop chart from showing non-existent data

  • I'm trying to make a chart that displays a view of the current 24 hour window. i.e. if it's 3pm now, I want to view from midnight 15 hours ago, all the way to midnight tonight (which will obviously have no data).

    This is fine, except the charts take the last value, and then continue a straight line straight off the edge of the screen. It doesn't seem to matter what type it is, i.e. line, bar etc. Or if roll-ups are used. I've tried booked=true and bookend=false on the ma-point-values.
    I also tried passing in options {connect:false} on the AmGraph options as described here (The image below shows me using true but if I used false nothing would render at all). Also this link does refer to v4 amcharts but the option is a valid entry for AmGraph in V3 also, though I do see that it says the feature doesn't work with the XY chart, which I assume is what the serial chart is?

    0_1600401157988_Chart Gaps.png

    0_1600401586703_Connect Option.png

    Regardless of the implementation, there must be a way to achieve what I'm trying to accomplish?
    Any suggestions?

  • Make a filter to only pull between the historic timestamp and the latest pointvalue for that point. That will filter everything out after but it may mean your chart only displays up to the last value date, not the latest date set in your datetime bar.