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Poll Success Percentage - Over what timeframe?

  • Hi, all,

    I'm working with a client that would like to know when he's starting to have communication issues with the data sources in the field. One measure we'd like to use is the internal metric of Poll Success Percentage for ModBus data sources.

    This could be very useful, but right now we're not sure of the timeframe, or number of past polls in which the success percentage is calculated. I've never seen the percentage drop below 99.x which leads me to believe this measures the percentage over at least the past hour or so. Is this correct?

    Is there any way to tell Mango the timeframe or # of previous polls over which we'd like this measurement to be taken? I looked at a couple of the parameter files, but didn't see anything that sticks out.


  • Hi Chad

    The time frame would be since the last restart of the data source.

  • Thank you! That probably won't make the point usable for what we want, but is good to know. I guess we could use the /data-sources/status/{xid} API endpoint and parse the results to see if there are any failures over the past x minutes.