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Data point query limited to 100 points returned

  • Heya,


    For some time, I was encountering an odd behavior in displaying the value of data points for a device. Some devices would be fine and some would have missing data points. I confirmed that the data points I expected were in the data source and had a valid value but for some reason were not being returned in the point query.

    Finally I had some time to devote to investigate this issue and discovered that there is an implicit limit of 100 on a data point query.

    For example, the number of data points returned by the follow queries should be the same:

    <ma-point-query query="{deviceName: $ctrl.deviceName}" sort="'name'" points="ptstmp"></ma-point-query>
    <ma-point-query query="{deviceName: $ctrl.deviceName}" sort="'name'" limit="300" points="ptsDevice"></ma-point-query>

    However, the lengths of the arrays where 100 and 153 respectively.

    According to the API docs in the application:
    "All data points added to your Mango system will display by default, unless you set the limit property."
    "Limit takes place after query and sorting (no limit by defualt)"

    The docs would indicate that if no limit is specified, then all of the data points matching the query should be returned.

    I am not sure if there is a possible issue with the docs or the behavior of the point query function.

    The issue can be fixed by adding limit="-1" to the query but it is a maintenance challenge to update all uses of the point query in the app.


  • I believe since 3.6 the default was changed from 200 to 100. This has always been the case.
    I always write a full rql string to ensure nothing is amiss. I think you've found a typo.