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How to publish the statistics of any Data Points??

  • Hey there,

    Just wondering if it is possible to publish (like via Modbus TCP) the statistics (Max, or Min, or Ave) of any Data Points? If yes, how??


  • Please enable the api menu from administration->edit menu -> api docs then save. This will provide all the information you need on mangoUI components. Also refer to the examples page at the bottom of the menu for how they are used.


  • @skazemi

    What protocol would you like to publish on? You can make meta points that update to a points stats value you choose then publish them.

  • Hi Craig

    Thanks, I want to publish them on Modbus/TCP, do we have any article regarding this??


  • I'm still learning about modbus at this time. But if you can make those individual points "settable" then use the setValue() call to write your statistical values back to the modbus endpoint then you're away.

    Look at the setting values example. Just make sure what you are setting is within the parameters of the datatype of your modbus datapoint.



    Edit: If you're using the publisher, you will likely have to use the mango javascript code then you can return the value to set it for a meta datapoint. Attach this meta datapoint to your modbus tcp/ip publisher and you're away.



  • @skazemi
    use the modbus publisher, then do data transfer your statistics to these points.
    0_1597370821267_Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 12.04.27 pm.png