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Events Table for a Specific Data Source.

  • Re: How to access active events of data point

    Hey There,

    I was wondering if anyone knew an easy way to make an events table that shows all events only for a specific data source?.

    Thanks :)

  • This is really basic but:

    <ma-point-query query="'eq(dataSourceXid,[DATASOURCE_XID])&sort(deviceName,name)&limit(200)'" points="eventPoints"></ma-point-query>
             <table md-table>
    <thead md-head >
                  <tr md-row>
                    <th md-column><span>Device name</span></th>
                    <th md-column><span>Point name</span></th>
                    <th md-column><span>Active Events</span></th>
    <tr ng-repeat="pt in eventPoints">
    <td> {{pt.deviceName}} </td><td> {{}} </td><td><ma-get-point-value point="pt"></ma-get-point-value>  {{pt.activeEvents}} </td>

    Am doing this off the top of my head here so not 100% sure it'll work as I haven't tested it...


  • @mattfox said in Events Table for a Specific Data Source.:

    Hey Matt,
    Thanks so much for the help, I've tried what you had there but it doesn't seem to work, I would appreciate a bit more help if you had the time.

    Thanks again :)

  • Get rid of the [] around your datasource XID for a start -it needs to be the exact same as your datasource XID.
    2, if still nothing, write into the dashboard designer on the edit view: {{eventPoints}}

  • @mattfox
    Thanks a lot again Matt,
    Removing the square brackets has helped identify the Data Source, but the active Events of pt still doesn' t seem to be working.

    I've attached images for the events table and the result of {{eventPoints}}.


  • Looks like because there are no current active events, hence why it's empty. You have actually set up events for these individual points haven't you?

  • @mattfox
    Hey Matt,
    Yeah, there are currently active events on most of those point, they show up on <ma-events-table> method.

  • Ah I see.. looks like this has changed a bit since I've last commented on that thread..
    Sorry about that!
    Let's use the events table component... I have no idea how well this will sit in amongst the table I provided! Some styling may be in order...
    In fact... you may be able to replace my table tds in entirety with just one <td></td> and plonk this in the middle!

    <ma-events-table single-point="true" point-id="" limit="5" active-status="'active'"></ma-events-table>

    Use that in place of the ma-get-point-values, it's all written in the components api information in the dashboard menu.


  • @mattfox

    Thanks Mate,
    That looks like its worked, it needs a bit of a visual change up, as it shows a new events table for each individual data point, but it looks like thats not too bad.


  • No worries, it might involve CSS to hide unwanted elements.
    perhaps hacking Jared's events viewer code to display a truncated version of this might be beneficial...
    I'll consider it since it might be beneficial for my dashboard also....


  • Any new ideas for this? I've just come back to the topic so was wondering if anyone had any insights?