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How to log out a user from Mango

  • Hello,
    We've got a situation when people are logging into the Mango and leaving their sessions running for a while, which is increasing internet traffic.
    Is there a way to gracefully log out someone without restarting the Mango please?
    Appreciate your help.

  • Welcome,

    Go into the Administration -> System settings and change a login duration time from 48 hours to 1 or 30 minutes under the http server session setting


  • Thanks Matt.
    This didn't work for me. I've set the value to 5 minutes and after 15+ minutes everyone was still showing as Active in Events and I was able to navigate around without logging in again.

  • Take note everyone still has active authentication tokens that are still valid. Once they expire they will be re-issued with new tokens with the new prescribed time limit that you set.


  • Hi @Elena !

    Did you solve the problem?
    I'm having the same problem. I have arranged 1 minute and revoked Auth tokens for one of the users. Then logged in to the new browser, waited for 5 mins without any activity. Mango did not log out of the user.

  • Go to each user and save their profile, that will force a log out

  • Still not solved.
    The problem is - I've got legacy users which have been deleted from the mango server when people left the company.
    I'm unable to add them back (error says username already exist) and I can't see them in JSON export for Users.

  • Might involve using the webmin to access the sql database and forcibly removing them then...

  • @MattFox I revoked all auth tokens for each user, but still, mango did not force to log out.

  • No you save the user, and that will refresh the session token.
    But since you're using 4.0 that may not work in this instance....

  • @MattFox @Elena Hi!

    We made changes then restarted Mango (both v3.7.7 and 4.0.0.beta3). Mango forced the user to log in again. But it doesn't consider user inactivity. Even if the user is actively working, Mango forces to log out after a period of time.