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Add a Lightning Detector device to support BACnet. Loaded BACnet4J but need some specs or examples to add IP device with 4 Binary and 2 Calendar and maybe an Alert/Alarm.

  • Hi Folks, I successfully downloaded and built the latest BACnet4J code. Our Lightning Detector uses MQTT (Lightning Detector control App available on Google Play), but I can easily add a BACnet to MQTT interface (when I get past the initial practical code usage). I cannot find a "How to use" Doc for BACnet4J, and the code examples I find do not match the code downloaded code ver 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT. For example: One user discusses "List<InterfaceAddress> usable = BacnetIpUtils.listUsableBACnetInterfaces(); " but the method does not exist. Another this "LocalDevice localDevice = new LocalDevice(1, "", "");" but that is not an available Construtor.

    Bottom line: Rather that flailing around trying different things, is there a written guide for BAACnet4J for adding a Device, or Sample code to add a device that uses available methods and classes in BACnet4J?

    BTW: I envision these 6' Lightning Detectors in parking lots and in environments already controlled by BACnet.

  • Hmm Crickets. I moved on to the Bacnet Stack (C lang) because they have documentation and examples. Got my first WhoIS/Iam working with the BDT, defined the Device Object etc. Sorry BACnet4j didn't work out for me.