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Communicating with modbus rtu slave on Arduino

  • I am trying to test the functionality of this product and how i can use it to pull data from an Arduino. Excuse my questions if they seem very basic as I am not experienced in this area nor in programming.

    1. Is the Mango application considered the Modbus Master or do I need a seperate device that is the Master that Mango talks with?

    2. For testing between the Mango application and modbus rtu slave running on Arduino does anyone have input as how best to set this up to run a test to make sure my communications are working?

    Thank you.

  • Hi mgvanosd,

    1. Your Arduino needs to be a modbus slave. You don't need a separate device.

    You can use jpmzometa's mobus rtu slave library in your Arduino. I added some code to make it work with Mango. In the meantime this has been included in the library. You can download it from:

    1. Some sample code can be found here: